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My Friend Money, with Jaipreet Singh: He made it, on his own versatile terms

by Money Puzzle   ·  January 15, 2021   ·  

Unlike this caged image of the character Dilbagh Singh from the very popular Netflix series Scared Games, the actor who plays the part lives to explore all the creative freedom that life has to offer.

His life canvas has many colours with many different strokes, all filled in with drive and passion.

In this journey of discovering his talents and himself, Singh has always been mindful of the risks he takes along the way. A strong financial foundation, a secure financial outcome for his family are all enablers in letting Singh explore the limits of his passion and profession to the best of his abilities.

Here are my key takeaways from our lively and causal conversation, be sure to listen in and write down yours.

  1. Striking out on your own will come with its fair share of risks
  2. Don’t hold back if you are passionate about something, make time
  3. Listen to what others say, but ultimately ask the right questions and make your own choices
  4. A strong financial foundation gives us confidence
  5. Separate your venture from yourself when it comes to your money life
  6. Save when the going is good so that there is an umbrella for when it rains
  7. There is no substitute to working hard, no free lunches in life
  8. Life is a process, be open to learning throughout this process be it about your finances or your profession

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