About Us

Lisa Pallavi Barbora is a Financial Coach and Personal Finance Expert, with nearly two decades of experience in financial services, spanning wealth and asset management, personal finance writing and most recently, as a speaker and content creator. Moneypuzzle.in is her endeavour to reach more people, make them aware and make them confident in their money relationship.

She is a certified Financial Coach Practitioner, following her training with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching in the UK. As a financial coach, the endeavour is to support your individual efforts at bringing clarity to financial concepts, transforming money stresses and anxieties and aligning money to achieve your life’s most paramount ambition and yearning. Coaching is a process of supporting individuals and empowering them to arrive at solutions to money worries which are theirs and unique to their situation. A coach is merely a partner in this journey of discovery, enabling you to layer by layer transform your money relationship.

MoneyPuzzle.in is also here to resolve your money jigsaw with the relevant information and awareness. There is no dearth of information on financial products. Various broking sites, aggregators and media websites and loud and clear when it comes to telling us what is out there and how to go about buying something. What we are left wanting for is an understanding of why we need a particular financial solution or outcome and how to make our money work towards that. This is where moneypuzzle.in steps in, to resolve your money jigsaw.

When we thought about who needs this information the most, it was a glaringly clear answer–young earners. There are enough advisors and distributors for those well settled into their jobs or even those about to retire. While young earners have access to all the products online, there is very little by way of objective analysis available to them. That’s where we come in. We will not tell you what to buy or how to buy it, we will analyse why you need a particular financial solution or a specific type of financial product. We will cut through the jargon and the current events to get you the analysis behind it all. 

We will also get you all the expert interactions for your money concerns.