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Financial Coaching

Build a clear and confident relationship with money We are here to resolve your money jigsaw

Are you in your 30s or 40s and looking to build a confident relationship with money?


Ms. Mayuri Kharwar

Director – NGB Laboratories

“I attended Lisa’s workshop. While I went with an open mind, I realized I am guided by my own concepts around money, built over time. I am so glad I took this journey with Lisa. Now I am doubt free, I know what I want. I would recommend this workshop to one and all.”

Natasha Wig

Aditya Birla Mgt. Corp. Pvt. Ltd.

“I think it’s important to know your relationship with money. Lisa’s sessions really helped me to understand the importance of enjoying life and at the same time saving for the future. I would recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to be in a good financial space.”

Madhu Vijayan

General Manager
Aditya Birla Mgt. Corp. Pvt. Ltd.

“To begin with, the program’s construction and the build-up were spot on. Nothing overly complicated; it resonates with individuals from all walks of life – students, professionals, homemakers, and business professionals…. Lisa compels you to realign your relationship with money at micro and macro levels. She opens our eyes to money habitudes which reveal the ingrained thoughts, feelings and behaviours that ultimately influence our decisions and actions, which in turn has a bearing on our aspirations and success in life.
Lisa offers simple yet effective ideas and tools that help us course-correct our financial (spending) attributes and become a more sensible human being.
All along I knew the answers to my money-related inhibitions, Lisa had simply shown me ways to find them.”

Beeba Harneet Anand

Universal Business School,
Head of Infrastructure and Design

The past few years made me realise how inept I was in the realm of personal finance. After losing family and friends in a blink of an eye, it made me anxious that I had no idea how to manage / fund life independently. Truth be told I tend to hide from numbers and they elude me when I try to pay attention. My father dealt with it before I got married, and after it was my husband; I am totally clueless!
I heard about Lisa Barbora’s workshop at the right time. It was like a sign, I jumped in, eyes closed, and she literally caught me and my ignorant non-financial brain.  It was an eye-opener.
She made us realise our relationship with money, and how we perceive and comprehend it. I was surprised it was not about numbers, but a deeper understanding of how to deal with savings and spending on your own terms without getting overwhelmed.
She shared some simple tasks that would help us plan things in the most basic and straightforward way.
Thank you, Lisa, for the nudge to ask the right questions and get smarter about money.

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Payment to be made in full at the time of booking. Post payment, you will receive a call confirming your intent, details of the service and an email with a confidentiality agreement for the promised number of sessions. The session dates can be finalized anytime in this process.


If you are unable to attend any pre-booked sessions, we can re-book the same for a different date, there will be no cancellations and refunds. If you are unsatisfied with the sessions, which means that the outcome you seek has not been arrived at, a refund can be processed after suitable discussions and deliberations.



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