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Tips for the Gig Worker – Money Tricks: Lesson 5

by Money Puzzle   ·  October 9, 2021   ·  

If you are a freelancer or a Gig Worker you need to a just that little bit more careful and conscious about your money choices. Here are three things to keep in mind.

1. Fame is not fortune

No matter how good and popular you are or what you do is, it does not automatically translate into a high income or pots of money. Hence, you must focus on creating an emergency fund to dip into when income becomes uncertain.

2. Short earning life

For some freelancers, especially those working in sports and entertainment, active earning years themselves can be limited. Have a plan B and start saving and investing early to help your future years.

3. Risk of uncertain income

When the nature of income is uncertain, ensure that you are not taking too much risk in your investments. First, build up a pile of accumulated savings through stable return investments and then focus on the risky growth assets.

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