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My Friend Money, with Kunal Vijaykar: A dash of luck and the courage to embrace it

by Money Puzzle   ·  November 11, 2020   ·  

Kunal Vijaykar is a celebrated TV personality, a writer, actor and simply can’t be fit into any one mold.

In our interaction I found his awareness and hold on money matters to be very advanced. This wasn’t always the case and he learnt his lessons the hard way. He is humble to credit a lot of what has transpired in his life to luck. But success also requires a conscious awareness of this role of luck and embracing the opportunities that come with it, which, is what Vijaykar has done so well throughout. COVID 19 taught us about uncertainty and saving for a rainy day. Vijaykar understands this only too well. Watch till the end to know his biggest fear and you will realise that many of us harbour this fear too and really there is only one way to overcome it.

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