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बात एक मिनट में Ep 5 Equity mein nivesh

by Money Puzzle   ·  May 28, 2021   ·  

Is episode mein equity mein nivesh ke baare mein janiye. Yeh aasen kaum nahi hai lekin itna mushkil bhi nahi.

Investing in equity seems to have gotten a boost in the last year as more people found the time to get in front of a screen and trade stocks. However, investing in equity is not the same as trading. To get your equity investing right you must focus on these three things:

– Do your research if you are buying stocks and focus on good quality companies. The alternative is to buy equity mutual funds with a consistent track record of performance for at least five years.

– Remain invested for at least 7-10 years

– Don’t get scared by the risk interim volatility and be patient

If you are mindful of the above, equity investing can reap you the rewards you seek.

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