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बात एक मिनट में Ep 4 Inflation or Price Rise

by Money Puzzle   ·  May 18, 2021   ·  

In episode 4 we take you through the nuances of inflation. Inflation is the consistent rise in prices of stuff we buy or services we pay for, over time. In an economy which is growing, you have to expect some price rise every year, it’s unavoidable.

Other than making things more expensive, inflation eats into the value of your Rupee. ₹100 today will be worth just ₹95 (approximately) a year later at an annual inflation or price rise of 5%.

You cannot hide or run from this devaluation of your money. However, to make your money worth more, you need to invest wisely in an investment where the value of your rupee grows more than the rate of inflation.

Be wise with your investment and beat inflation.

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