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My Friend Money with Rajeev Thakkar – PPFAS Mutual Fund

by Money Puzzle   ·  October 21, 2019   ·  

He regrets not allocating sufficiently to equity when he was young. Now as a professional equity fund manager, he is sold on the concept of asset allocation (Read here to understand balance). Like so many of us, he also learnt the hard way that setting aside money for emergencies and contingencies is important. Risk is not everything in wealth creation. Listening to him talk, one gets the sense that what really works in the long run is a calm, controlled and balanced demeanor which then starts to reflect in your money relationship too!

Rajeev Thakkar is a veteran stock picker who believes that ones relationship with money evolves constantly and as one is always seeking the next goal, you have to remain aware about your money equation!
Listen and learn from his money mantras!

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