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Money Life of the young and restless – Money Z’s

by Money Puzzle   ·  June 16, 2020   ·  

This is a series covering all aspects of your money life. Right from earning to borrowing, investing, lending and so on. It will also touch upon concepts like inflation, risk and tax. There will be a few episodes on esoteric concepts like anxiety, security, money beliefs and behaviour. The idea is to talk about concepts and events in life rather than products in this series.  

The series begins with talking about practical aspects of your money and as we move along it will try to address all your queries and difficulties in deciphering the MoneyPuzzle.

This series is structured kind of like a Vlog – which means there will be a video and a blog on the same subject. We will also try to have podcasts for those who prefer that medium.

There will be a comment/query section for each episode, where I would like to hear from you guys on what more you want to know about when it comes to money matters. Please also leave your thoughts on how you liked or didn’t like the episode you just went through.

Let’s move on then to Episode 1 where we kick start this series with the Three basics of money.

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