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Be Boring with your Money – Money Tricks: Lesson 3

by Money Puzzle   ·  September 22, 2021   ·  

Be Boring with your Money – Money Tricks: Lesson 3

by Money Puzzle   ·  September 22, 2021   ·  

This doesn’t sound like good advice and definitely is easier said than done. Especially, in markets as we are witnessing today – where excess liquidity thanks to low and lower interest rates are driving up prices for all kinds of assets and financial securities.

It is exciting to chase the investment that doubles in a matter of weeks or buy the stock that can deliver a 200% return in a few months or even in piling on cryptocurrencies.

And when things are not looking as good then quickly switch over to the financial security or asset that is moving up now.

While the excitement can be exhilarating, it is also very risky. Switching investments too often can lead to high costs and it takes just that one big loss to wipe you out. Investing through complicated structures can also fool you about the underlying asset risk that you face.

Ideally, just save more than you spend. Invest for the financial goals that you have. Invest in simple products that give you access to assets like equity and bonds. Be regular, be disciplined not to change and shift too often for reasons other than achieving your financial goal. In short, be boring with your money.

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