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Stepping into the world of planning with Khyati Mashru Vasani

by Money Puzzle   ·  April 23, 2020   ·  

Viewers, please bear with us as this interview has been recorded on Zoom, the picture clarity is not the best. However, I guarantee you won’t have a complaint with the content. If you were confused about what financial planning entails and whether you should start with it or not – watch this 10 min discussion with a young planner who got the awareness early in life.
Also, read this beginner’s guide.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can achieve any of your life’s goals or manage expenses for those dependent on you if you aren’t yet able to manage your expenses solely out of your own income.

Writing down goals helps in visualising them. Also, you are more aware and will take conscious steps towards achieving them. The financial plan around your goals will not only ensure that you achieve it, but also that you insulate what you need for these goals from sudden market crisis similar to the one we are in today.

Advisors come in many packages. There are online advisors, there are human advisors and there are distributors. Whoever you pick, ensure that the advisor is adequately qualified and has a financial planning tool for you rather than just investment suggestions.

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